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Monday, March 24, 2008

to plan a trip

My "weekend" started with a quick drink with a friend. To start the planning for our upcoming trip. My third. Trip, not drink. These days I can only handle one. Drink, not trip.

Our friendship has been rough at times. After the trip last year I almost wrote the friendship off completely. But our hanging out since and our planning get-together changed that.

Drinks turned into dinner. Conversation was easy. We talked about everything. How excited we both were for the trip. Laughing about our previous shenanigans. Planning future ones. Even talked about who each of us had been dating. Which had never been an open topic for us before.

He is a great friend. Always was. I just finally remembered what he asked of me once. To always call him on his bs, if he ever starts it up again. I forgot last Spring. I won't let it happen again. Our friendship means too much to me for that.

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Trish Ryan said...

It's great to see friendships rescued like that. Tough to go through, but great. And definitely call him on his BS...that's what makes friendships real.