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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


There we were, mother and daughters, in a baby store, of all places. And none of us knew what anything was.

Many didn't exist when my mom became a mom. And my sister and I have no idea what most are, despite our years of babysitting.

But this trip was unlike all the other such day-before-baby-shower trips I'd made. Sure, we were there for my sister-in-law. Which is very fun, because we got to buy cool stuff for our nephew.

I'd never been to a baby store with my mom and sis before. Which seems a little weird. But after Friday we know that sort of trip will be a little more frequent.

As we began our shower preparations at my sister's house that morning, she let us know that she was expecting.

Not that I'm not excited to be an aunt to my oldest brother's two daughters and my older brother's soon-to-be son, I am. But this is completely different.

I absolutely cannot wait to be the spoiling auntie I know I can be, that my brother's wives won't let me be. This will be fun.

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Jen said...

Congratulations to the future spoiling auntie!