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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tired or grumpy

I was home working, when they called. The were headed to the second bar. Where earlier I'd said I would love to meet them. But I was exhausted, so I almost didn't venture out. The doc had said only earlier today that I needed to sleep more. Relax more.

I was prepared to follow doctors orders. If only I hadn't been the one who had earlier talked them into a second bar. So after I let the call go to voicemail, I contemplated, but then the guilt got the better of me and I called them back.

Fifteen minutes later I was on my way. Before I had even sat down one of the girls said that I looked grumpy. Grumpy? No. Tired? Definitely. But I will have to work on my tired face if it really makes me look grumpy.

Over beer and wine we started hatching our plans. Plans for this weekend. Plans for the upcoming bachelorette trip.

The trip will be fun. Mostly friends from college with a few other of the bride's friends that I already know. And perfect timing. The weekend after the major event I've been working on for nearly the past year.

I can relax and sleep more then. That is, if I make it to then.

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