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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

sun and snow

Driving back and forth to the mountains twice in one weekend, so I could hang out with work friends old and new. Everyone thought I was crazy. Skipping the beautiful ski day to attend a good friend's shower back down in the city then heading back up.

But I wanted to hang out with everyone Friday night. It's always the fun night. And it was, just luckily not quite as fun as in years past. As I had to get up ridiculously early.

It was a beautiful day. Record high beautiful. Talking and laughing with the girls beautiful. Flowery shower decorations beautiful. It would have been a gorgeous day on the slopes, but some things are one time things.

Then back up the hill for potluck dinner and Cranium. The party has mellowed over the years. But it's times like these that remind me I really like the people I work with.

Skiing with my best friend at work in the fresh powder Sunday almost made the cold, snowy weather and long drive home worthwhile.

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Glitter said...

Sounds like you needed the mental break!