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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

planes, trains, and automobiles (Part 6)

East Coast Trip (Part 6) - Brooklyn and New York

I was a little melancholy on the train ride further north. I miss my friends. The trip so far had reminded me just how much.

We were on our way to stay with my freshman year roommate, R, her husband and kids. She joined me in Philly the last time, when we visited our other roommate. The realization that our days of carefree girls' trips like those might be only in our past made me sad.

Our lazy night cooking dinner at home, relaxing over remember-when conversation and wine was perfect. I thought so, anyway. But it was a short stop, and the next morning we were back on a train.

Once back in the City, we picked up keys at M's office in the financial district, since our attempt to store our bags for a quick wander was unsuccessful, and hopped in a cab to Brooklyn.

We waited and re-caffeinated until M got off work and could meet us. Over beer, we waited for her husband to join us and talked about when they might come to Colorado for a visit. M said they'd try soon. I knew she meant it.*

P walked up and joined right into our conversation. We finished up our beers and walked to dinner at one of their favorite places. Sitting at the table in their new neighborhood, I couldn't help thinking that it felt right visiting them there. They're in their element in Brooklyn. As happy as they seemed at their wedding festivities, they seem even happier somehow there.

After getting to sleep-in finally, J and I headed into the City. Since it was raining, and we'd both recently been to NYC, we headed for some indoor wandering at the Met. The Tiffany windows, reconstructed Egyptian tomb, and facades of buildings were incredible, as was the photography exhibit of New Orleans after Katrina.

That night after wine and cheese in Brooklyn with M & P, we met various friends for dinner. R came down on the train and her friend C, whom I'd known for years met us after work. J's friend from home, who's consulting in the City, joined us, too.

I couldn't help smiling. Dinner with so many friends in a city far from home could make me fall in love with a place. Well, if only they had a mountain nearby.

After dinner, and far too many drinks, we headed to a bar, or was it a club. However it should be classified, drinking with my college friends and dancing with R brought back many entertaining college memories.

I love that I have so many amazing places to visit with my friends scattered across the country. But I hate that my best friends are so far away.


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* M's one of those friends who says she'll visit and does. I'd thought more of my friends, particularly those whose weddings and baby showers I'd travelled for, might come to my 30th birthday celebration arranged by my sister, but M was the only one who made the trip.

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M said...

FINALLY Brooklyn makes it into your blog! I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. ;~) We'll definitely catch up with you in CO soon! We just need to pick a time and get our tickets! Miss you already! Come back anytime!