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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

planes, trains, and automobiles (Part 8)

East Coast Trip (Part 8) - Boston (Freedom Trail)

We found the red line easily enough. Just where she said we could find it.

I wanted to describe everything. I even bought the book to read about all of the historic stuff, so I could write about it. I just haven't had time. Perhaps I'll fill in the blanks after I do.

In the meantime, the only story you really need to know is we walked the Freedom Trail, then relaxed a bit over a cup of coffee.

Then we hopped a subway train so we could make it back in time for our tickets. To the Blue Man Group. It rocked. We finished the day with amazing Italian food in the North End and cannolis to go.

I'd keep being long winded but I'm as tired of writing about every detail as you are of reading. Besides, isn't a picture worth a thousand words?


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