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Monday, November 06, 2006

planes, trains, and automobiles (Part 5)

East Coast Trip (Part 5) - Philadelphia, etc.

Of course, after our beautiful day of driving, it rained the day we planned to walk around Philly.

I'd visited before. With two of my college roommates, when one was in grad school in Philly. I'd seen the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, other historical buildings whose names I'd forgotten.

It was cold. It was wet. But I didn't mind the rain. I usually don't.

J asked me to be "photographer" for the day. I had the umbrella, the huge camera, and she knew that's what I'd do it anyway.

We didn't have that much time. We had dinner plans with our friends. But we managed to see the first and second banks of the United States, Carpenter Hall, and City Tavern

We stopped in the Library Ben Franklin insisted upon, where pages from Common Sense and Origin of the Species are on display. And of course we did the obligatory tours of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

The tour guides tried to instill in our haphazard group the importance of Independence Hall. But it wasn't the history lesson, it was standing in the same building. Standing in the same room, where a few guys with visionary dreams for how great our country could be signed a few pieces of paper, that made an impression. Again, even the second time around.

After our brief tour through history, we headed back to B & K's house to head to dinner. Over sushi and wine we talked and talked. I miss B. Terribly. It's strange to have to fly across the country to have dinner with her.

Then again, even after months, it's like I saw her yesterday. She's one of those friends that will always be. Time, distance, none of that really matters.

And of course I love her husband. He's another one that sets the bar high for the guys I date. He insisted on leaving his rain coat for me to use to walk around on a rainy day. He only minimally rolled his eyes at us when we made him take a dozen pictures of us, until we were all three happy with one.

I'm sad that B & K are so far away, but they'll be back in Colorado for holidays. So I know I'll see them soon. But that didn't diminish my sadness as we pulled away from their house on the way to the train station.


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