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Thursday, November 02, 2006

planes, trains, and automobiles (Part 4)

East Coast Trip (Part 4) - Pennsylvania

After leaving DC, J wanted to see Amish Country. Following her travel book's suggestion, we headed up to Lancaster. The historic district seemed a little sketchy. We wandered to the Central Market, where everything appeared to be closed, until we found a cute shop with a light on. We wandered in.

The nice owner told us the shops are usually closed on Mondays. But she was open for a short while. After looking around and finding small gifts for my mom and sister, the owner suggested we head to the Lancaster Brewing Company for lunch.

Over our beer sampler and good pub fare, we discussed the travel book's suggestions for where to go next. Then decided to go with the suggestions from our friends who live outside of Philadelphia, instead.

Meandering on back roads, J got to see more buggies and horses than she'd ever imagined. We tried to shop, but the stores all closed early. We drove through Bird in Hand, which led us to Intercourse. Yes, the Village of Intercourse, that's it's name.

The only thing open was a wine store, with tasting. Too bad for us. We couldn't browse through quaint Amish stores with quilts and jam, instead we had to taste delicious Pennsylvania wine. Like Virginia, Pennsylvania also cannot export it's wine. So, we decided to add to our "smuggling" stash for our friends.

After our wine tasting and buying, we headed to our friends' house, who moved to PA from Denver a few months before. We had lots to catch up on that night over Philly cheese steaks and wine.


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