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Sunday, November 19, 2006

tears and smiles

I looked over at him as they finished singing the National Anthem, as the jets did their flyover. There was a tear in his eye. I gave him a hug. I was so happy to have this special time alone with him. Even if we had to share it with over 70,000 people.

Not many dad's would take only their daughter to a football game. But every game, he and my mom take my sister and I. My brothers rarely get to join them. That day, only he and I could go to the game. And it was nice to spend time with just him.

In some ways I'm way too much like my dad. In others, we're polar opposites. But whether we're agreeing or disagreeing, we always have interesting discussions. And we always laugh together.

When I left him at his car, so I could head over to the hockey game with the boy, he didn't make me feel bad for bailing on dinner with him after the game, as is our tradition. He just told me to have fun. I'm a very lucky daughter.

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Glitter/Aleka said...

Dads are great like that.