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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snowflakes and twinkling lights

Watching the snowflakes fall, watching the lights twinkle always helps to get me into the holiday spirit. Relaxes me.

On cold, snowy nights like tonight, I would prefer the twinkling lights were those on my own tree. But since the tree-cutting adventure hasn't happened yet this year, I'll have to be content with the lights twinkling outside the coffee shop window.

But the feeling of relaxation isn't coming. I'm already over-extended and stressed-out, yet, have barely finished up the leftover turkey.

The holiday season has only really been in full swing for less than a week. But since I'm one of those crazy people who thrives on stress, I'm trying to pack even more things into my too-busy schedule.

Around the craziness that will be my job until Spring, I'm fitting in various parties, shows, and friend time.

And of course there are the traditions. The tree-cutting and decorating. The line-waiting for the cd* in the frosty early morning air. The cookie decorating and exchange. The required shopping trip with my mom and sister.

And on, and on.

Yet this year, I should be less stressed. I'm nearly done with my gift gathering. I have all of my cards, I just need to start writing them. I even had the icicle lights hung before the snow fell.

But, I'm more stressed. Work is much crazier than most years. There are even more holiday parties, because of the boy. Plus my mom is insisting on "pre-Christmas" dinner, since my brother won't be home for Christmas.

I'm going to do my best not to let the stress ruin my holiday spirit this year. If I could only take the falling snow and twinkling lights everywhere I go for the next month, I should be fine.

* If you know me or live nearby, you probably understand. If you don't, well, it probably wouldn't make sense even if I did explain.


hubs said...

stop, relax, breath

* studio c?

kt said...

you need a spa day. i'll go with :)

Rebecca said...

relax....take a deep breath....and enjoy the twinkling lights! :)

Glitter/Aleka said...

Sounds like my schedule...where do you find time to sleep? Somewhere between 12 am and 5 am, right??