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Sunday, December 03, 2006

glitter and glue

Every seat at the table was filled. And then some. After catching up on recent tales, filling our wine glasses, and sampling the snacks, we settled in.

One of the girls new to the group asked how it all started. I told the tale of our roller-blading and dinner group. Three of us, each taking a turn cooking dinner after our roller-blading excursion.

After my car accident, we moved on from roller-blading to other adventures. Movie nights, new locales for dinner and wine tastings. And the group grew.

The core of the group has since spread around the country, but others have joined. Friends and friends of friends. Each with their interesting tales and talents.

The pretty bows, the painted trees, the disco balls. Some were coveted, some were copied. Some were sent to be auctioned off for a good cause.

As my last friend left, she said she was sorry about the glitter everywhere. I told her I don’t mind.

Finding a random piece of glitter a few months from now just reminds me of the night. Of all of us gathered around a table, laughing and smiling, with glitter on our noses and eyebrows. A reminder of the glue that is our friendship.

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Rebecca said...

Ohhhh.... LOVE this post. So nicely said...sounds like watching the snow fall and the twinkling lights did you some good. ;)

Feel better! I just saw you posted on one of my posts that you were sick... :(