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Friday, December 22, 2006

digging out

There was a knock on my door yesterday. I opened the door to find S standing there, with my walk completely shoveled behind her.

She asked me if I wanted to go grab coffee. The coffee shop in the neighborhood was open. I said sure, and asked if she had shoveled my walk.

She grinned and said that she had to or she couldn't get to me to drag me out for coffee.

I took a break from my work, bundled up, and grabbed TheDog and her leash.

We walked in the middle of the street along with the rest of our neigbors. Everyone milling about, as there was nowhere else to go.

There were people snowshoeing and cross-country skiing down the middle of the street. The only time we see so many of our neighbors is during crazy blizzards.

And I love that one of my neighbors is also one of my best friends. It makes being snowed in so much more fun.

I bought her coffee as a thanks for shoveling my walk, and I kept thanking her. She said she was happy to, as she knew I shouldn't be shoveling, and with friends coming over the next night, it needed to be done before everyone walked on it and it turned to ice.

After our coffee outing I got back to work. An hour and a half later S called. She had just returned to her house, all of a block and a half away. She had stopped along the way to help other neighbors shovel out cars and walks. That's just the kind of person S is.

Later that night the boy was able to dig his way out to celebrate early Christmas. He brought his shovel to help me dig out, and was surprised to find the entire sidewalk already done. I finished decorating my tree, finally, while he cooked dinner.

After exchanging gifts, he said he'd be back tomorrow to help me get ready for the party. It's looking as though I may have found a good one.

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Glitter/Aleka said...

You lucky dog you. LOL.