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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

holiday emotions

I thought I'd hear from him on Christmas. I was certain of it. I didn't. I picked up his dog for him today. But he didn't even bother to call to check on her.

It's probably that he's just busy. But this time of year is when I'm never certain about those I'm dating. I get nervous.

People's emotions are all over the place. Mine included. So, all bets are off this time of year.

Besides, I'm always afraid that history may repeat itself, again. The holidays have been the beginning of the end for three of my longest relationships.

Add to that the run-ins, calls and cards from past loves. It's a confusing time of year. People trying to reconnect. To evaluate where they want to be at this time next year.

Dreams. Wishes. Resolutions.

I have mine. He has his. I was beginning to believe they might include each other. Perhaps the silence should be telling.


hubs said...

you know what your doing right now don't you? stop it!

Amy said...

k, I'm confused. I thought the boy came over to shovel you out (but S already had) and the boy was helping you with the party, wasn't he? Is this a different boy?

Also, I hear more snow is hitting you (or is going to?) Enjoy it for us, my son would really love some about now!!

Yoda said...


Ditto to what Hubs wrote. Don't be nervous! Go with the flow!


Glitter/Aleka said...

Sometimes it can be confusing this time of year. perhaps it's the reflection back at old relationships and how good you *thought* they were. Then you slowly realize they were just never meant to be.