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Monday, December 11, 2006

he's a mean one

I know. I sound Grinchy. I'm not. Really.

Everything has just been crazy. Work and everything else.

My weekend was filled with everything from cookie baking to a play, gift shopping to a musical. I even fit in a relaxing chat with some friends over tea. I know it sounds fun. It was, for the most part.

The grumpiness started to sneak in because I'm sleep-deprived. The boring, too-long play, hours of shopping with my grumpy sister, and feeling guilty for not working didn't help.

Then the real issue came up. I'm not as eloquent about it as Pete, but I'm hoping the solution will be of the inexpensive variety. Tomorrow I'll know. Cross your fingers for me.


hubs said...

i just came off a 75 hour work week, straight threw the weekend. i'm so sleepy i can't sleep. notice how late i'm typing this? youch!

Rainy Pete said...

Eloquent? Moi? You must have been tired when you read that!!

ramblin' girl said...

rainy pete-
these day's I'm always tired... but yours was funny. mine... not.

and hubs-
stop working so hard!