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Monday, May 01, 2006

just coffee

she stayed to listen to the band, even after her friends left. he joined her. her old friend. despite the past. because of the past.

they talked for a while before both admitted to being tired. as they walked out, he asked her if she wanted to grab breakfast.

over late night bacon and eggs, she started to believe her friend was back. the easy conversation. the laughter. back.

he walked her to her car. hugged her. leaned in. she turned her head just enough so that his kiss met with her cheek. he relaxed his hug. told her it was good to see her and to drive safely. she said, you, too.

but, as he walked away, she started to wonder. maybe she took it too far. her insistence that they could only be friends now. what if they were meant to be more? what if they weren't, but things became strained again?

a few days later, she stopped to feed her addiction and prepare for a morning meeting. as she walked into the coffee shop, she ran into him. he insisted on buying her coffee.

he sat and kept her company for a bit on the patio. the conversation was easy again. the laughter assured her that her earlier fears were unfounded. and although the dog at their feet was another's, sometimes coffee dreams do come true.


Yoda said...


Friendship is so great, isn't it?

(The psychiatrist is: IN) So, why do you always use the third person when you post about him?


Wordnerd said...


Ben O. said...

Yes they do.

Nice stuff - Ben O.

BTW - Isn't this Denver weather wonderful lately?


Aarwenn said...

Nicely written, and, hello! Good to "hear" from you again. :)