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Friday, May 26, 2006

it's hazardous being me

my hands are shaking.

TheMan just bought us all lunch. one of my co-workers and I took a short walk to pick it up. on the way back, we joked about my clumsiness. we decided they would probably fire me if I dropped six of the lunches.

crossing the parking lot of our building, I apparently angered an enormous SUV. although it avoided my co-worker, it did it's best to run me over.

if I hadn't been paying attention, hadn't noticed the woman on her cell phone, clearly not caring that I was in her way, speeding up around the corner. if I hadn't jumped back about three or so feet, I'd be a hood ornament right now.

get off your cell phone and pay attention!

as I grumbled in disbelief at the idiocy of some drivers, my co-worker laughed and wondered aloud if they would have fired me if the reason I dropped six lunches was because I was now a parking lot pancake.


Ayman said...

that's off the hizzle....

Rainypete said...

It's amazing that people have become so self absorbed that they will simply run people over while chugging along on their cell phones. Drinking and driving kills but I'm betting the hard stats on cell phones and driving are pretty scary too if anyone ever does the research.

Yoda said...

They actually did a "Mythbusters" show on cell phones vs drinking while driving...the results were that cell phones were clearly worse than driving while just under the legal limit for alcohol.

One of the funniest Craig's List posts I ever saw was an open letter to the driver of an SUV that nearly ran a guy down outside a local boat yard. The author finished off by saying that he hoped the driver didn't have too much trouble with the wide stripe of paint remover that was accidentally applied to the SUV's right side as the author tried to get clear while holding a bucket and brush of the stuff. If only things like that came with pictures!


Wordnerd said...

Wow! Glad you're okay! I'm gonna have to agree with rainypete here...I'm thinking "cellphoning" while driving is going to become the next statistic-maker!

Jeremy said...

Nothing hazardous about you... you are just guilty by association it would seem.