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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

watching it all

after a little more quality time with my newly married friends, I headed to Grand Central Station.

I was a little early for my train up to White Plains to meet up with my college roommates. So I wandered around the station. such a beautiful building. so many people hurrying on their ways. life continuing on, despite my stopping to watch it.

it's odd, I love public transportation. the idea of taking a train to work everyday intrigues me. I know those that do probably get tired of it. it's probably not nearly as interesting as I imagine it to be.

after some down time, we left the little ones with dad and headed into the city on Saturday to see a play on Broadway. it was pouring rain, so a significant part of the afternoon we spent inside catching up over lunch. as it got dark, we decided it was time to do something. we wandered around Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and saw Radio City Music Hall.

our meanderings took us to the Empire State Building. when we got to the ticket window to head up to the observation deck, they informed us the visibility was very limited. we decided to save the view from the top for another trip.

it was so great to see my friends. we met in New York because my college roommate for three years had twins in September, and we had to go to her, since she won't be traveling soon. our other roommate told us all she was expecting. and my other roommate was so excited about her new job, the cute animal stories never ceased.

everyone with so many exciting things going on in their lives. except me. I again felt as if I were stopped, while everyone else sped by, getting on with their lives. it sounds dreary, I know. but I do appreciate the chance to visit all of my busy friends. catch up with them. live vicariously. for now.


Elizabeth said...

Living vicariously has its place, but it gets old fast, too.

Here's to more "activity" in RG's life!

jeopardygirl said...

I don't drive. There, I said it. I never got my license. As a result, unless Esso is available to drive me, I have to take public transportation everywhere I need to go. I actually don't mind so much, although I wish my town's transit system was a little more convenient for my neighbourhood. One of the great things is the lack of stress! No worries on my part about watching everyone and everything so I get "there" safely. You can eat on the bus, read, listen to your iPod, everything except get changed or smoke. I like that.

Tanya Kristine said...

WOW. you are in new york city. and you think you have to live vicariously through others??? you have the freedom to do wahtever you want and you do. YOU, my dear, are the lucky one. having kids is not easy. and sometimes not fun (not to offend those that do have kids)...