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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

blue skies in the city

after my walk through Central Park, I met S and her friend for lunch. although I'd only met S once before at their wedding, it was as if I'd known her forever. as if I was having lunch with two friends from college not intruding on such a lunch.

after lunch, I braved the subway and explored the West Village and Greenwich Village. finding myself drawn to Washington Square Park. I walked around laughing at the performers along with the crowd. there was an amazing number of people out enjoying the beautiful spring day.

as I was wandering the square, my friend called to see where I wanted to meet him for dinner. we ended up heading to a tiny sushi restaurant on the edge of SoHo. and he was right, it ruined me for mediocre sushi for a while.

he laughed at me when I told him about my day. it did not surprise him that I ended up in the parks. it made sense for the Colorado girl to seek out the blue sky.

he was right. I love big cities. to visit. I know I could never live somewhere without significant open spaces. on the subway home, he said he agreed. which made their move back to the left coast welcome to him.

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dewey said...

*sigh* New York. I LOVE that city. New York has always held a strange set of memories for me. Maybe that's why I love it so much.

I was there the morning George Harrison died (coincidentally). My mom was a HUGE Beatles fan, and I remember the moment I learned John Lennon died. Not my own memory, just how upset my mom was, and knowing that I couldn't fix it. Odd how those moments become a part of you, isn't it?

I've done the "Big Beatles" tours in London and Liverpool, but New York will forever be the home of the Beatles. Because I was there with the boomers grieving the loss of George.

Strawberry Fields forever.