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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I don't want to believe that I am. even when people say that I am. I deny it. but I'm starting to rethink that. maybe.

if you look at my past mishaps. at the flat tires, fried printers, slips, falls, other accidents. you would probably think my luck was perhaps not the best.

and so it continues.

I noticed as I left work tonight that my new cell wasn't working. I figured it was a temprary network issue. I didn't think anything of it as I met a friend to walk TheDog around the park then enjoy the beautiful spring evening over dinner on a great patio.

when it still wasn't working when I got home, I called customer service. they kept me on the phone for about an hour trying various things to get it working.

no luck.

I will have to go into one of their stores and get a new card for it. and that may fix it.

not a huge deal except I have to go into the field tomorrow, and have to leave before their stores open. and I need my phone when I'm out there.

of course. unlucky? unlucky.


Amy said...

hopefully they will be able to fix it and you'll be on your way again. I hope that today wasn't too difficult without it.

Glitter said...

Yikes, I hate that...

Tanya Kristine said...

unlucky AND irritating. not a good start to your weekend.

amazing how much we rely on those things. and to think; 5 years ago i never had one.

Brian Lavery said...

What did you do with all that luck I sent you before? I'll send some more.
And I'll stop teasing you on my site. ha ha

S.L. Peterson said...

I think everyone goes through seasons where they feel that they're unlucky because life hands them a lot of crap in succession. In my experience, when I have a few crappy years, they're usually followed by something better :)

Your phone crapping out on you is the kind of thing that happens to me ALL THE TIME though - so annoying! Hope you got it all worked out and things are better this week!