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Sunday, May 14, 2006

to be a mom

my weekend revolved around motherhood. you may be thinking that makes sense, what with today being Mother's Day. but that was only a small part of it.

at happy hour on Friday my good friend ordered Sprite. when we teased her about her beverage of choice she informed us that yes, indeed, she was expecting. she'll be an amazing mom. her nonchalant answer, when we asked if she and her husband were still planning on moving in a month or so, and if she was still starting school in the fall, assured us that she can handle whatever her path may bring.

on Saturday I spent my day with several of my great friends, at the twins' birthday party. there were a few grandparents there and three of my friends who are moms. they were all talking about things only mothers really find enthralling. and although they tried to continuously include me in their conversations about feeding schedules and hours of sleep, I found myself more at home playing with the kids.

on Sunday I spent much of the day with my mom. we took our dogs for a short hike, looked at old family photos, and had dinner with the entire family.

the photos were sorted through for possible inclusion in a slideshow at her retirement party in a couple weeks. just by looking at the pictures it was apparent that despite the fact that she was giving up her "kids" in a couple of weeks. her real job is and always was raising her own kids.

and she is very much looking forward to helping raise her grandkids. even more so now. my brother and his family are moving closer to my parents to take advantage of my moms' retirement. my mom is so thrilled by the news.

after dinner, my dad asked me what TheDog got me for Mother's Day. I told him love. then I showed him the bruises on my arm and my leg. she'd knocked me down the stairs, of course, completely accidentally.

so despite what those in the mom club say, I don't think you have to be a mom to get it. by knowing great moms, watching how they are with their kids. I think I may get it. by worrying more about TheDog after my tumble and whether she was ok then my own painful leg. I think I may get it.

I'm sure most moms will tell me I'm wrong. that you can't ever get it until you are one. I'm not sure I believe that.


Kristi said...

I think you can appreciate it without being one. If you're involved with children at all via friends or relatives, you can appreciate it.

Amy said...

I think you are absolutely correct. I'm not a fan of people who say, "Oh, I have a dog, so I totally understand what you mean about potty training" um, no, no you don't, but there is a love for your animal that is in the same family as the love you will have for your children. My dog is away at training this week and we miss him like crazy!! He is such a presence in our home (all 200 pounds of him) and it's just not the same without him here!

Wordnerd said...

No. Believe me, you absolutely get it. The instinct to nurture takes many forms. And you have it.

Tanya Kristine said...

true. i love kody no matter what. i'd bet if he turned in to an actual teenager that might change...but for now, he'll remain a dog and i'll love him unconditionalyl all his life.