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Friday, August 05, 2005

what a girl won't do for a little frosting

today was cold and wet and rainy. and although much preferable to the record breaking temperatures of a few weeks ago, the weather and the news* made me want to curl up on my couch with a blanket, TheDog, and a good book.

I couldn't.

I had tons of work to do. and I still have to get everything packed to head up to the mountains for A's wedding.

something about the weather was making me a little anti-social. I had started to wonder if anyone would miss me if I didn't show? if I holed up on my couch with said book and dog for the weekend, instead?

I know they would, since I have part of the food for the reception in my freezer. the platters for their cakes. and I'm bringing A's wedding dress. but even knowing I had to go couldn't break the cloudiness.

until I got a call from A.

they are already up in the mountains starting the celebration. they forgot a few things. they left a key and the alarm code for me to get the dress. but there were a few things in their garage that they didn't leave a key for. one being the frosting for the cake**.

but being as I have the bad luck, they asked M to come over and do the risky work. she asked me to come help her break in, so that someone would be there. in case.

we walked around to the side of their garage, lighting our way by flashlight. we got the window out. she carefully crawled through. we're laughing and a little bit nervous. what if the neighbors call the cops?

she's in. she finds the frosting in their freezer. then the tub that was added to the request.

she comes to the door to unlock it for me. but there's no key. so the two of us brilliant engineers contemplate trying to get the tub through the window. it's never going to fit. then it (finally) hits me. it's a garage. there's this crazy invention called a garage door.

we get the stuff out and through the gate. the window replaced. and M hits the button and the door begins lowering. she runs out of the garage. as she passes the threshold the door stops and opens again.

of course, the don't-squash-the-cat-sensor. she tries again. jumping over the beam as she leaves the garage. it works. mission accomplished.

oh, but the garage light is on. oops.

by this time we're laughing hysterically. back at the window, taking it back out. M crawling back through. she flips the switch. pushes the button. jumps the sensor. and is back out. just as I finish getting the window back in.

yes, instead of packing or rainy day relaxing, we spent our Thursday night breaking into our friends' garage for frosting. not once, but twice.

what a girl won't do for a little frosting. or a friend.

* it's a sad, sad day. not only are the Avs losing Adam, but Peter's leaving, too. I really may cry.

** the guy that made the cake was a little worried about the frosting of them last week when I talked to him. I can't imagine his panic at having no frosting.


Robb said...

For some reason the theme to Mission Impossible comes to mind.

Have a great weekend!

Jeremy said...

Sounds like you are tempting the emergency room gods... you better watch your step up in the mountains.

Have a good weekend.

Valerie said...

lol - that's hilarious. SOunds like a good time. have fun this weekend.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I can totally see you doing that! Have fun!

Callie said...

You must be a very high-ranking friend to be entrusted with some of the really important things... the dress and the frosting!!!

Have a fun weekend, I'm sure A will be so happy you're there to share her day.

Jerk of All Trades said...

Wow, a couple of Frosted Flakes.

Ms. Pan said...

Hee hee...I like the "frosted flakes" comment. But I have to say--straight sugar is always worth a risk!

Shananigans said...

LOL! You two are ingenious engineers. Well done and try to enjoy the weekend.

Underachiever said...

It's a lil Haiku for you.

Frosting Rescuers
Garage door was enemy
Jump up Frosting saved

Crackin up!

Jeremy said...

I take it back! I take it back!

Doh, too late.