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Saturday, August 13, 2005

and the saga continues...

when we get back to the cabins, we all hang out and drink some more (why?).

as we all get tired the boys leave, then C comes back. he and TheBaker flipped a coin as to who got to crash on our futon couch as opposed to the floor of the boys' cabin. oh, well.

early (time is relative when you're drinking past 3 in the morning) Saturday morning, M and I were up helping out with the last minute details. running last minute errands, making sure the bridesmaids got to the house for the ceremony.

we get back to the house with lunch for the bridal party and A sends us on a couple more quick errands before we need to get ready. M and I hurry back to the cabins to grab a few things. I grab our list, jump out of the truck and slam the door.

on my hand.

I make it over to the chair on the porch of the cabin. holding my hand up. hoping the excrutiating pain stops. soon.

C walks over, prepared to make fun of my clumsiness. then he sees the hand, and stops. M grabs some ice. it's not pretty. it's already ridiculously swollen.

TheBaker walks up. he and Atlanta decide I have to go to the ER. C says he still has to shower and everything, but if no one else can take me, he can. TheBaker pipes up and offers. he's done with all of his cake duties and all he needs to do before the ceremony is change.

he asks if anyone knows where the closest ER is. I manage to offer up that I do, through the tears. C and M laugh. of course I do. actually this ER I've only been to for other people. but they're right, I do know where way too many ERs are.

I'm not sure I need to go. I'm more worried about A and getting all the little things done for her than my hand. M assures me she can get it all taken care of. I make them all promise not to tell A, I don't want to ruin her big day.

TheBaker and I drive away. he kept talking with me, bringing up funny subjects. I think he was trying to make me forget about my hand. hoping I'd stop tearing sometime soon. with every little story, and every great song on his mp3 cd, I fell a little harder. hanging out with him this weekend had been amazing.

after the half hour drive, we finally got to the ER. we check to see how long it will take. to see if TheBaker should wait, or head on back and have someone else come pick me up when I'm done. they think it's going to take at least an hour.

the nurse asks when the wedding is. it's in two hours. they tell me they'll do their best to get me out of there in time. TheBaker stresses to the nurse that I'm in the wedding and have to be there. (although I was supposed to be there early to take pictures with A, I wasn't one of the bridesmaids.) he's so great.

she asks if we're together. I answer that we're friends. he looks at me a little oddly. he says to call someone to pick me up. he'll try if he has time, but his cell's dead. so I'd have to call someone to find him. I say I'll call C. he says something to the effect of of course I'll call C.

but it's a little while after they took me to the back and had me effectively pain killed that I realized maybe he took one or both of my statements the wrong way. after all he thought C and I were married when he first met us. hmmm...

the doc comes in with the x-rays. he says he's amazed, but I didn't break any bones. I said I was happy about that. he said I'd wish I'd only broken something in a week or so. great. but since it wasn't broken. they cleaned out the cuts, wrapped it up and they get me outta there in an hour. right as C shows up to pick me up. the doc and nurses were so extremely nice.

C tells me how TheBaker was impressed with how I was handling the situation. oh, sure. the crying idiot on the way to the ER, I'm sure that impressed him.

we get back to the house in time for C to set up to take pictures and for me to change. as I walk into the room, A notices my bandaged hand and asks what happened. I briefly explain, while one of the bridesmaids helps me get dressed. luckily she had no idea, so she didn't have time to get worried.

the ceremony was amazing. the receptions at the house and the restaurant down the lake equally beautiful. the cakes were amazing. TheBaker can really bake. and they looked great on the platters.

as the dancing gets going, K, one of the bridesmaids, is being a little pushy to get me to dance with TheBaker*. I have this problem with being way too shy around guys I start to really like. with a bit of help from K and one of the groomsmen, we finally do dance. he's a good dancer. and I fall a little more.

after the reception we head back to the local bar from the night before. we dance more. we do more shots. everyone gets pretty tanked. at one point I realize I'm the only girl dancing with a bunch of guys. I have no idea where the girls are or where TheBaker went off to.

the band starts to play some country. I'm not a huge country fan, but after going to school in Texas, I do like to two-step. one of the grooms friends who I've known for a while wants to two-step with me. after the dance, it's time to leave.

TheBaker has reappeared. but I'm too drunk and medicated to worry about the fact that he disappeared. we climb in M's truck. C drives the few blocks back to the cabin, since the girls still have on their heels.

we get back to the cabin. K and TheBaker are on the couch. I head out to the car to grab my iPod to get some tunes playing. on my way back in C comes out. he asks if I'm mad. I don't understand why I should be. he thought I'd seen. he says he should tell me. better to hear it from a friend...

* all of the girls are well awar of my interest in TheBaker. it was talked about in Vegas a few months ago.


Jen said...

Was K with the Baker? That bitch!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

OMG, what happened next? I'm dying to know!