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Monday, August 15, 2005

what is luck?

what is good luck? what is bad luck?

getting a flat tire? bad luck. not having the tire blow out completely Sunday speeding down the highway? good luck.

the situation with TheBaker? bad luck. knowing now that I should move on? good luck.

slamming my entire hand in a truck door? bad luck. the ER nurses and doc hurrying to get me out and back to the wedding on time? good luck.

whatever you call it. silver lining. glass half full. lucky. optimistic. it's really all about attitude.

today was not a good day. not only did the tire fiasco wreak havoc on my work day, but at lunch, A confirmed my suspicions. add that to the fact that I've been dying to go on a bike ride. but I can't with the hand. can't swim yet, can't do half of my yoga poses. just can't. it's frustrating me.

so after being at work late, I finally manage to get my front door open with one hand without dropping my laptop (I have a terrible lock that I really need to get re-keyed).

TheDog greats me. wagging uncontrollably. happy to see me. always.

I leave the front door open as I water the flowers. she sits in the doorway. patiently, but expectantly.

I've been neglected her. but one look at that angelic face and I know exactly what will make whatever luck I've been having immaterial.

a walk in the park with TheDog on a beautiful August day.

I leave my iPod at home. I want the soundtrack to this one to be the birds and people and even traffic sounds.

three things clear my mind like nothing else. walking in the park or hiking in the mountains with TheDog listening to the sounds of the city or the mountains. skiing solo, stopping amidst the trees to breathe in the mountains and listen to the snow.

our walk was relaxing and peaceful. the evening sunlight shimmering on the tree leaves. the cyclists and joggers and people playing fetch with their dogs. these images replace the earlier mental clutter.

what tire? what boy? what bad luck? those things don't matter in the grand scheme of things. they're just the little things. that which inconsequential stories are made of.

I'd rather enjoy little things than worry about them. our walk serves as a little reminder to me to enjoy and appreciate all the good luck and great things that wander into my life.


Jeremy said...

It is amazing how much a wagging tail and a lick to the face can brighten an otherwise dreary day.

Rainypete said...

Once we learn to worry only about the things that rally need to be worried about, and we can learn to value the happiness and beauty of the world around us we can really be happy.

Pets, family and even nature itself is all there to remind us of the beauty and fortune we all have.

Gordy said...

Great end to your bad weekend and Monday. Dogs and pets generally help us through the tougher times.

I love you skiing image too.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Sounds like the perfect ending to a few icky days! It's just what the doctor ordered!

Angel said...


I neglect my dog everyday I'm at work =(

I need to be a better person and appreciate what I've been given. Thank you for reminding me that life is what I make of it ^_^

Night Flier said...

How much of the bad and good things that happen are luck I wonder. It is sometimes hard to remember to enjoy the simple things in life. Glad you enjoyed your walk! Your dog is a cutie! :)

Jen said...

I'm glad you have your dog there for you. My dogs are my best friends and evening companions when Andy is on second shift. I don't know what i would do without them.