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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jack on the Rocks

have I ever told you that I love my friends. I really do.

a few of them headed up to Red Rocks early to get everyone good seats. (for those not lucky enough to have seen a show at the most amazing venue in the world, the typical seating is GA in front, reserved in the middle, and GA again near the back. so you have to get there early if you want decent GA seats, particularly if you're trying to sit with a dozen people.)

it was mostly work friends including A & M, their SOs and my friend J. (yes, I work with some very cool people.) we didn't want the seat holders to have to fend off people for too long, so we decided to forgo the typical pre-show parking lot drinking, in favor of over-priced beers and great company inside.

one of my good friends is also one of my bosses and owns part of the company. (when did we get old enough for that?) he bought us all a round of beer on the company credit card. (did I mention I work with cool people?)

the weather was perfect. a cool end of summer evening. not too hot or too cold. the opening acts were good. Matt Costa and ALO. but as it got darker, the anticipation of Jack Johnson's arrival onstage intensified.

some in our group had never seen him play before. I've seen him maybe a half dozen times in Winter Park and Red Rocks and Austin. this show was by far the best Jack show I've seen. and one of the best shows I've seen at Red Rocks.

he was amazing. (and amazing to look at.) he said Red Rocks was the best venue in the world. (of course it is.) how can anyone not love to play there, staring back at the crowd of 10,000 smiling, dancing faces sandwiched between two enormous red rocks that are the sides of the natural amphitheater.

I'm not a setlist kind of concert-goer. but I vividly remember lyrics that speak to me, although often out of order. particularly when he's singing the songs just for me. (yes, insane school-girl crush. a cute guy wearing a t-shirt jeans and flip-flops always makes my heart skip a beat.)

her beauty will follow wherever she goes

being in love with somebody don't make them love you

seems to me that maybe, pretty much always means no

please don't pretend to know what's on my mind

just another night on the town

where have all the good people gone? (we're right here, Jack.)

things can go bad, and make you want to run away

waking up to early, maybe we can sleep in, making banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend

if the weather is better, we should get together, spend a little time and we can do whatever

when I wake up, you look so pretty sleeping next to me

I was afraid that if you rode away you might not roll back my direction real soon

oh please just let me please breakdown

she'll pretend she's somewhere else, so far and clear, about 2,000 miles from here

slow down, everyone. you're moving too fast

you can't believe everything you hear

after the band walked off stage, Jack came back with his guitar, cheered on by the lively crowd. he played the entire encore that way.

although it rained a few drops, the stars came out mid-way through the show to join the twinkling of the city lights. I could have stayed there for days, listening to Jack, dancing with my friends, enjoying the incredible music and beauty around me.

but it was home and to bed and a painfully early alarm for work, instead.


Jeremy said...

Reading about it from you was almost as good as being there...


Glad you enjoyed it - now post something else and quit rubbing it in.


Underachiever said...

Jack Johnson is the best. I'm glad you had fun.

Undr("It seems to me that lately, it pretty much always means no....")

Jeremy said...
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Robb said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great time! I'd love to see that place.

Kelly said...

You are too lucky to live so close to Red Rocks, I am too envious! Actually, I hope to move to Denver in the next 6-9 months so then I'll be close too. I love hearing about all of the cool music you get to see/hear there.

Ms. Pan said...

Glad to hear that it was such a good show. I was actually in Denver that night--but for work! I wanted to go so badly...

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!

Callie said...

I love Jack. I saw him at an outdoor venue in Vancouver a while back with Ben Harper and together they sang Bob Marley's "High Tide, Low Tide" song and I've been smitten ever since.

I missed his show a few weeks ago in Van, I was SO SAD. So thanks for the post, I needed to live vicariously through someone for a little Jack.

kkb said...

I just saw this show in Berkeley and loved it, but I couldn't have described it more perfectly than you did. Maybe its just hormones, but I teared up reading your post... probably because you captured many of the same feelings I took away with me.