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Monday, August 15, 2005

what did I do to someone in a past life?

currently waiting for AAA to come change my tire for me. no, I am not one of those women that can't even change her own tire. my dad insisted I learn before ever driving a car out of my parents' driveway.

so this morning when I went out, one of my tires was completely flat. I was starting to change it, hit my very bruised and painful hand, gave up, and called AAA. I drove 70+ miles home last night. good thing it didn't lose too much air then.

I guess that's lucky. but I feel like a helpless little girl. and I want to know what in the world I did to deserve the terrible luck I've been having?


Robb said...

I sure hope your luck gets better soon!

Gordy said...

Sounds like the last time it was put on they used the auto wheel nut fitter which always does them up too tight, I usually end up jumping on my wheel brace with all my weight and I am 250lbs!

So don't feel bad:-0

Jeremy said...

I am scared to leave a comment for fear of what else this ungodly snowball effect of tragedy will have on you.

I am sorry you are having such a rough week though... if it makes you feel any better - I am back safe and sound from backpacking and fly fishing in Yellowstone, so feel free to break out the voodoo doll and go to town!

ramblin' girl said...

Thanks, guys.

And Jeremy, can't you tell by now that the only one I hold grudges against is myself? Glad you had a good trip to Jellystone!

The World Against Me said...

Always carry a breaker bar for your tire iron. For events Gordy mention.. The breaker bar can also be used so that you can just slowly go forward to "break" the nut..

It's awful what happened to you. My wife always tells me that things happens for a reason.. and in a few years.. you will see..

I hope that things go smoothly for you from here on out. And I hope that your hand gets better soon.

Thank care of yourself

Jerk of All Trades said...

I realize that I don't REALLY know you, but I think you are SUPER-cool and really sweet (gag!), no really.
I haven't been around here for awhile so I JUST now got caught up on yer blog.

I am SO pissed about all the crap that happened with K and TheBaker!

It's stupid I know, you all may as well be characters on a TV show, but I AM pissed off!

I hope your hand gets better quickly.

Pissed I tell you. No joke.

Carissa said...

Don't worry. Bad luck can only go so far and then it gets better.

We've all been there (and I'm in a helpless little girl situation right now). It'll get better.

ramblin' girl said...

Jerk, but characters on TV don't email you... or do they?

and everyone, thanks, really!

in some post I don't have time to go find, I said my mom always tells me no one is ever handed more than they can handle.

I can handle all of this. just a tire (and some cash to get a new one). just a boy (and a bit of my pride). just a hurt hand (and decreased ability to do my job and other fun stuff). none of them is the end of the world.

but really do appreciate all of your comments. makes it all easier to take.

Venessa said...

I haven't had the hand thing happen yet. (Currently looking for wood to knock on.) However, I had a friend that I introduced to a guy she knew I was crazy about and she proceeded to pick him front of me. So, been there, done that...and it sucked.

Anyway, you should know that I've put a curse on K that will cause prematurely sagging breasts that will allow her to wrap them around her neck like a scarf or look like an orange stuffed into the bottom of a tube sock. Your choice.

Seriously though, with all you have going for you, it's just a matter of time. We're in the same boat. If we want dating to be simplified, we need only to take the first dumb, fat, toothless, bald guy that comes our way. Since we (I'm assuming we) want more, we're just going to have to sort through a lot of muck.

Brian Lavery said...

Maybe we can have a happy post about you and your dog.