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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

friends new and old

the bridal luncheon was typical. ladies in dresses and skirts, all making nice. bridesmaids opening presents and posing for pictures. the place, however was a little atypical.

the luncheon was the same place the wedding ceremony is at Saturday. a beautiful new house A's dad was building for friends of the family right on the shore of the lake. it's amazing. and the view. wow.

we drank wine and laughed and cried. it was great to see the girls that went to Vegas with us for A's bachelorette party. although I've only known them a short time, I consider them my friends, too.

after we're done wining and dining, we head over to the cabins where most of A's family and friends are staying. I walk into "the girls" cabin and TheBaker is standing in the kitchen. he gives me a big hug. (causing me to grin madly to myself.)

most of the girls have to go rehearse for the big event. M, TheBaker and I and A's friend from Atlanta are left to hang out. TheBaker begins to decorate his cakes. I talk with M and Atlanta. typical good-to-meet-you small talk. then it's time to leave for the BBQ. we leave TheBaker behind to work on the cakes and go over to A's dad's house.

the BBQ is great (except for the groom-to-be and his friends being really late, angering A's dad). A's old professor that I met over New Year's is there we catch up. everyone eats and laughs. we roast marshmallows by the bonfire, enjoy the sunset on the mountains and play drinking games (classy, I know).

TheBaker shows up and sits down with us. people are chatting about all kinds of things. C's name comes up and TheBaker says to me, "I thought you two were married when I first met you."

huh? what? don't you know silly boy to check for a ring? just because a guy from work comes out drinking with A and I often does not mean we're married. he's a great guy, but I've learned my lesson about ever fishing from the company pier.

intriguing, nonetheless. at least he's thought about my single or not status.

the evening wears on, and we wear out our welcome at A's dad's house. it's time to move our drinking party to the local bar. the local very small town bar...


Kate said...

Is that a postcard pic? WOW! Can't wait to hear more about your weekend!! Rest up, you've got more typing to do!

Robb said...

You stopped at the drinking part. Surely the story goes on...

The World Against Me said...

Your pictures, as always, are amazing!

Callie said...

Yes, do go on!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Do go on!!