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Monday, February 18, 2008

stop believing

Friends at work indulging me with you're better offs and a glass of red with my lunch. My mom insisting that even though she liked him, he wasn't the one for me. My sister calling him a fool when she said she'd watch TheDog for the night.

I know they were all trying to make me feel better, but I'd rather just not think about it. Which is why I neglected the work I should have caught up on over the weekend and headed for the hills.

Some of the girls were heading up. A free place to stay. The promise of a few turns and a few drinks made me change my mind.

The flirting with a cute guy helped me to nearly forget why I so badly needed to get out of town in the first place. Flirting enabled by too-much-vodka. We had an interesting conversation. He leaned in for a kiss. He said he would call tonight.

I should really stop believing what guys say.


Glitter said...

You just got a bad egg..don't let one stupid boy spoil your fun!!

SDW said...

Amen to glitter.

Flirt, have fun, enjoy being YOU. You're such a tremendous source of awesomeness for the world... would be a shame for you to miss that.

But of course, I suspect that you already know...

Trish Ryan said...

I'm frantically searching for a great metaphor for flirting, but it's not coming...suffice to say that whether flirt boy calls or not, he was a nice reminder that you're a gorgeous girl men are drawn to. You don't need the bonehead who wasn't the one. You don't need to settle.

Hang in there. Buy cute new jeans. Pray. Love your dog. Repeat as necessary. God might just be putting the finishing touches on the guy who is the love of your life, and you'll want to be relaxed and happy when you meet him :)

Jeremy said...

If there was some potion, spell, or charm I could help you with that would fix (no, not in the snip snip goodbye sense) my gender, I would be more than happy to share.

I am sorry. We aren't all that way though...