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Thursday, February 14, 2008

once a fool

I got wished a heartfelt Happy Valentine's Day by just about everyone but the one person I really wanted to hear it from. Sure he had significant issues at work. And sure he said it this morning on a little screen.

But it's not the same. Despite our plans, I spent my night solo. I just wish I mattered at least as much as his job, or his friend in need.

Valentine's Day cards from a friend far away and my sister. A quick IM exchange with a friend going through a similar thing. A smile from a cute guy. And the promise of a little present to myself tomorrow made it not so bad.

I know, I know I'm a fool. But I think I figured out my minimum requirement.


Glitter said...

And now what?

Leslie said...

He's an idiot. You deserve better.

I got dumped on Monday. Actually, I preemptively broke up with someone, and he was quite relieved not to have to do it himself (I should have made him do it, in retrospect). Valentine's Day is pretty much the only holiday that only some people can truly participate in (in the romantic love sort of way it's meant to celebrate), and the rest of us just kind of feel at least a little crappy about ourselves and our romantic failures.

Meg said...

I did this for nearly three years. One can be cancelled on only so many times before one gets fed up. Getting fed up was the best thing I did. Here is hoping to getting fed up and getting what you deserve. A little respect for your time/feelings from the boy.
I check in daily, but I don't think I've ever commented. I enjoy your blog and the photos.

Elizabeth said...

Ah, RG, such duel lives we lead. I got no phone call. A valentine the day before, but no attempt to see me, no small token, no voice message or email wishing he was with me. The cookies I baked for him; melt in the mouth wonders of chocolate and cherry, which I knew, KNEW he would have loved, crumbled into the dust from whence they came.

I started to tell the rest of the story here, but decided to just blog it on my own blog instead.



Wish we were close enough to have coffee...or scotch. :-)

Not Fainthearted said...

Hi RG,
I'm here from Betty's place and going through the same thing. I'm so sorry to hear it but good for you for knowing now what one of your bottom line items are (and I hope it has more to do than just what happens on Feb 14...but also how he will treat you on an ongoing basis.

It's not easy. I know. But it feels good to stand up for yourself and say "no more"...even if it feels a little lonely too.

Hang in there.