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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

cutting advice

Some say the only person that knows more about you than your bartender is your hairdresser. Since I don't have a bartender anymore, I guess my hairdresser is the one.

As he cut my flirty hair (his term, not mine), we talked about relationships. He insisted I stop letting the boy get away with giving me less than I want. He told me to either stop complaining that I want more, or do something about it.

He later said I may never have a longer relationship with any guy than I've had with him.

At least he was right on one point.


Glitter said...

So....what are you going to do?

Elizabeth said...

Good for you, RG. At least you had the ovaries to ask, unlike me. I got a card in the mail today, so he has met my minimum criteria and I can't dump him, at least, not yet.

So sad that my minimum is so small.

What's your minimum? How much is enough...or should I say, how little is not enough?

Let me know when you get an answer for that question.