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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

for now

It's always so reassuring when someone seems to be going through a similar situation. You root for them. Even hope their situation works out as you hope yours will. But you can sometimes see things in another's you're too close to see in your own.

Every new post of Betty's, I root for her. Hope she finds what she's looking for. And think I know what she should and shouldn't do. I realize I know the paragraph synopsis and not the whole story, so I usually keep my opinions to myself.

But I'm very glad she often shares hers. She always seems to reassure me, ask the right questions. Her last comment was a question of how little is not enough.

I haven't completely worked that all out for myself with the boy. I know what we did have was definitely enough. What we have now, is enough for right now, but not for long-term.

We have plans for tomorrow, nothing elaborate, but low-key suits me just fine. And I have reservations for us for restaurant week. Which he happily agreed to do.

For now, I'm alright with making plans, so long as he is excited to do them. Spontaneous plans on his part, like he used to, would be great.

But for now, wanting to be with me is enough. Although I hope we find what we used to have again. Soon.


VJ said...

Thanks for introducing us to Betty's Head. Another interesting read. I don't know if you're patience with the boy will pay off, but I imagine it's better than a kick in the head, right? Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

Glitter said...

just one day at a time, eventually you'll feel it one way or the other and can make a decision that's best for you. Just remember to keep yourself sane throughout it.

Trish Ryan said...

At some point, you'll just know. You'll look at him like Heidi Klum on Project Runway and say either, "You're In..." or "You're out..."