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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

just made the plane

The shuttle was late. The shuttle driver was slow and offered to grab yet another late passenger. The security line was ridiculous.

But fate or something like it knew just how much I needed to catch that flight. How much I needed to get the heck out of Dodge, er, Denver. And I rushed up to the gate just as they were finishing boarding.

The flight was nearly empty, and I got to lay across all three seats to try and catch up on some desperately needed sleep.

I'd gone to dinner with friends the night before, including two college friends who happened to be in town for work. We'd stayed out far too late for a girl with a crack-of-dawn flight who had done none of her packing. Or thinking about packing, for that matter.

By the time I'd grabbed the rental car and headed south, the memories came flooding back.

As I drove past the location of my first college date party, past the Snake Farm, past TC's. Memories of friends and boys flashed. I grinned and laughed to myself.

I was extremely excited for the weekend. It had been nine long months in the making. What hatched on a lazy Sunday sitting in a river was coming to fruition.

A full weekend of my best college friends, drinks and good food. What more could an over-worked, over-stressed girl ask for.


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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Amy said...

sounds like the exact sort of respite you need!! Enjoy it to the fullest!