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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the adventure begins

River Trip (Day 1)

After a bit of dilly-dallying we left for the launch. So many things to sort out before the adventure could really begin.

Important things such as gas and drivers for the shuttles, and determining the proper way to load the boats or the amount of beer that would fit in the drag bag.

Finally we were set. We asked the unsuspecting drunk guy just getting off the upper part of the river to take our picture. Then we climbed in our respective boats and launched.

Within minutes of paddling, I ended up in the river. I had been too busy arranging things in my duckie and too worried about opening my beer to pay too much attention to the first rapid.

Despite my swimming, I managed to hold onto both my boat and paddle and climb back in. The others thought it was hilarious that I had already swam!

The place we had planned to camp the first night already had it's fair share of campers, so we headed down river a bit. Our final spot was great. There were blooming cacti, running lizards, and great views.

We settled in to camp, enjoying tortellini and lemon pepper chicken for dinner. The first night was an early one. We were all still tired from the road trip and packing and unpacking.

Before getting back on the river, we hiked part of the trail to the canyon rim. The steepness of the canyon walls can be appreciated a little more when you're looking straight down.

After the first day back on the river, I was reminded of why I always say that my first river trip several years ago was the best vacation of my life. The peace and relaxation are not easily matched.


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Jen said...
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Jen said...

Awesome! What a fun trip. So nice to get out of civilization and back to nature. I love your photos too. :)

That was me that removed my comment above. There was a typo. Sorry.

Glitter said...

Sounds like such fun!