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Sunday, May 13, 2007

and there were two

As great as a big group of friends getting together can be, sometimes quality one-on-one friend time is just what you need.

J had flown away early, before either of us awoke. So M and I were left, and since severe thunderstorms kept her plane from taking off on time, we got a little bonus time to hangout.

The storms kept us close to the airport for lunch. We ended up at a Whataburger, catching up on life and where it had taken each of us since last we'd seen each other in October.

We talked about work. Parents and kids. TheDog. And of course boys (and husbands).

The group had a consensus on what I should do about TheBoy. M had a slightly different take. And one I valued more than some of the voices in the chorus.

Ultimately, she assured me, the decision was mine and mine alone. Only I know what's best for me, and only I can decide what I want. Now if only I could figure that all out.

I was very sad to say goodbye as I dropped her at the airport. But she had her life and her husband to get back to. And I had to drive north. I had a few more friends to visit before I celebrated with my brother as he got hitched.


Rainypete said...

I have to agree with you there. It is good to see all your friends, but it is usually a little more fulfilling to hang out with one of them for a decent length of time.

Elizabeth said...

I sharing of advice? What did she say!?

Here's my advice...if you miss him deeply while you are away from him, the good probably outweighs the bad...if being away is a bit of a relief...dump him.

Rebecca said...

Hey RG!
Hope you're doing your new layout. :)

Fun questions you asked of Miss Glitter. :)

Glitter/Aleka said...

She said the same thing I would have told you about the boy. Only you can decide what you can and can't put up with. Until then we are all hear to listen!

green said...

congrats to your brother on his wedding! Hope it was a nice ceremony and a good time at the reception.