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Monday, May 07, 2007

returning to the scene

The next morning we decided to return to where our friendships started. Our wanderings took us past old hangouts and meeting places. Dorms and places to play. The library, where we rarely went, and classrooms, where many of us actually did frequent.

We tried to continue the birthday tradition of a toss in the fountain, but J was uncooperative. So the rest of us cooled our feet instead.

Things have changed, yet stayed the same. The buildings have been updated, and moved locations even. Yet the feeling of campus is still the same. Just as our friendships have changed, they have remained the same, allowing each of us to grow, yet remain friends.

As cliche as it may be, but as a large group of women often do, we decided to go shopping. A short trip before going out for more fantastic Mexican food and margaritas, followed by a few beers at another favorite bar, our cat's namesake .

Another late night of remember when's in our pjs was followed by goodbyes. Many of the girls were leaving the next morning. It seemed our reunion had just begun, yet it was already ending.

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