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Monday, May 28, 2007


The night before we left I went to see Tim Finn. The show was great, but hanging out with friends I hadn’t seen in far too long was even better. I even ran into S in the parking lot before the show.

Great friends whose lives have diverged from mine, only because of life’s circumstances. We see each other less frequently than we’d like. But when we do it’s definitely quality time.

The Boy came with me, but only because he’d bailed on the trip and was finally feeling a little bad about that. He didn’t enjoy the show. And he didn’t really enjoy the conversation with my friends afterward.

I’ve decided not to worry about his strange behavior in groups. He knows my friends. He could find ways to join the conversation if he really wanted.

Regardless, the night ended early. I still had to pack. And meet everyone at the dinosaur lots. Early.


Jen said...

The more you post about him the less good vibes I get about him being right for you. I 'm just not seeing him be "the one" for you.

Glitter said...

I'm semi in agreement with Jen...if he can't get along with your friends that's a huge sigh. Is he normally awkward in social situations, especially around your friends?