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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

like a rash

It's spreading across the blogosphere like wildfire, or, um, a rash. Kristy was one of the recent victims, and I apparently caught it (ok, asked for it).

It's an interview bloggy thing. I almost never do these things, but let's face it, it's been far too melancholy and restless around these parts lately. So, I asked Kristy to help jump-start some fun around here.

Here's how it works. She asks me five questions, I answer, then ask the first 10 commentors five unique questions in return. Since I never get 10 commentors, I'll ask questions of any of you who would like to be the subject of an interview, just leave a comment saying you'd like to be interviewed.

Here are Kristy's questions for me, and my rambling answers.

1. Since you've been writing about some sadder stuff lately, I was thinking I'd try and ask about happy places. This makes me think of cotton candy, which inevitably leads me to thinking of amusement parks. Except I don't really LIKE amusement parks. I hate roller coasters, and I especially hate spinny things, and I'm terrified of heights, and it finally dawned on me that there's really nothing I like about the Six Flags experience. (Especially when you factor in the abundance of tube tops and $5 Cokes.) Anyway -- what's your take on roller coasters, amusement parks, and the like?

I absolutely love, LOVE roller coasters. Love amusement parks, too. (But hate cotton-candy. Never been much of a fan of spun sugar.)

Favorite roller coasters? Montezuma's Revenge at Knox Berry Farm and of course the old Twister and Wildcat at Elitch's. Both were great old wooden roller coasters. The front and back cars of the Wildcat came off the tracks so everyone would wait even longer in line to get into those cars. (Adventure roller-coastering.)

One of my favorite high school memories was taking the clown car (aka packing as many people as could fit into my dad's small car, I think we managed 7) up to Denver to play at Elitch's for the day. Fond memories of friends and roller-coasters, but I can't remember much else. Except maybe a SkeeBall game or two. Oh, and the twirly swings.

2. What was your most favorite thing about turning 30? What was your least favorite thing about leaving your 20s?

I absolutely freaked out about two weeks before my thirtieth birthday. Couldn't sleep. Worried that leaving behind my carefree twenties was a kiss of death for my social life, worried I had to act grown-up and start being concerned about what people thought of me and where I was in life, worried I'd wake up with lines, bags and sags where there hadn't been any the day before.

The actual day of my thirtieth birthday was amazing. My wonderful friends and family gathered around my back yard for a bbq. My sister endeavored to make mix cds for me. (If you knew my sister, you'd know how incredible that was, because she just isn't into music like I am.) On the cds she included songs dedicated to me by friends both near and far. It was spectacular. Listening to the songs that reminded people of me. Even "Don't Fear the Reaper" dedicated to me by my brother, my older brother, made me laugh.

I realized that I didn't need to worry what people thought of me. If my friends and family were any indication, there were people that loved me no matter what. So far the best part of my 30s has been realizing I really can be whomever I want, and really don't need to worry about what other people think.

3. This may also seem like a silly question, but what's your favorite thing about vacations? Is there some aspect in particular you look forward to more than others?

Since most of my vacations lately have been to see friends, that as definitely been the the thing I look forward to most. I'm leaving Friday for a mini reunion with almost a dozen good friends from college before heading on to my brother's wedding. And I absolutely can't wait to see everyone and drink far too many margaritas.

The other favorite thing about vacations for me is looking at my zillions of pictures afterward. Then I get to re-live the vacation over and over and over.

4. As one single, childless thirtysomething to another, do you have baby names picked out? How sure are you of them?

I do. Just one. I've had it picked out for a really long time. My grandmother's first and middle names. Middle name first. Particularly since my mom gave me my middle name to be the same as my grandmother's.

Sure of it? Well, I believe that you do have to wait to meet the little bundle of joy before saddling it with an unfitting name. For instance, I was supposed to have my sister's name. But it didn't feel right to my parents, so they gave me mine. I can't imagine having another name.

5. What's the most accurate assessment of your personality you've ever read/seen/been given? (I'm talking magazine quizzes, astrology read-outs, personality tests, career reports, or just a wise synopsis given to you by a friend.)

I never think those quizzes are very accurate, they usually say I'm crazy, and that's obviously not true. Well, this may be asking for trouble, but I'm going to throw this one out to all of you. Give me a synopsis of my personality, and I'll let you know whose I think is most accurate.


Thanks for the great questions Kristy! And, since Kristy's interviewer Stacy had a little extra twist on the rules also allowing anyone to ask any questions of her in their comments, I'll add it, too. Ask away.


green said...

I'm new to your blog but I'll give it a go.

S.L. Peterson said...

I don't know about the old Twister being a fav roller coaster - I remember right as you came out of the tunnel part, the thing would lurch in a different direction and just about crack my neck everytime!! I even think the new one has the same spot.

Anyhow, you can interview me :) I need an excuse to post anyhow!

ramblin' girl said...

green - I poked around your blog a little, but I have to pack and hop a flight soon, so sorry if these aren't very personal...

Here you go:

1. If you could truly live anywhere in the world, where would you move to, and why? Who else would you need to move with you to make it absolutely ideal?

2. What's the most memorable thing your kids have said to you? A phrase, a question, the answer to a question?

3. You list Sliding Doors as one of your favorite movies (mine too!), is there a moment in your life that you think changed the path you were on? For better? for worse?

4. You're obviously a baseball fan. If you had a corn field in Iowa, what three players would you most want to show up to play? ("If you build it they will come.")

5. What's the coolest thing you've seen for sale on ebay? What's the most ridiculous?

Leave a comment when you've posted the answers, I'll stop by.

ramblin' girl said...

SL- I do remember that terrible jerk in the tracks just after the tunnel! maybe I shouldn't ride the new one, not sure my back and neck could deal anymore.

Here are your questions, thanks for indulging me and my interview!

1. You're an engineer, with obvious creativity, (and since I'm an engineer that wishes she was more creative, I have to ask) do you sometimes feel schizophrenic for having both a strong analytical and creative mind? And if you do, what do you do when your "right" brain fights with your "left"? (Did I just expose my crazy?)

2. Since the Twister obviously isn't it, what's your favorite childhood memory?

3. I love creating things, but don't like sharing my "art" with many people. What's it like to have other people critiquing your paintings?

4. What do you miss most about college? What do you not miss at all?

5. Can you ever imagine yourself moving away from Colorado and the mountains? Is there anywhere else that you could live besides here? Is there anywhere else in Colorado that you'd rather live?

Sorry, that's more than 5, apparently I like multi-part questions...

Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Synopsis of your personality?



ramblin' girl said...

Spunky? hmmm..... that reminds me of a story I should tell one of these days...

green said...

ramblin' girl: I just remembered today that I asked you to leave me some questions. My answers have now been posted.

Glitter said...

I'd love an interview. I need something to blog about because I'm boring as hell today.

ramblin' girl said...

And Glitter, here are your interview questions...

1. My dad always asks me why I like going to shows, when I could more cheaply buy the cds and hear the songs whenever I want. (I don't bother trying to explain downloading songs to him, but I digress.) I know my answer to this, but I'm curious as to yours. What is it about live music that makes you want to continue attending show after show, when some would say you could just buy the cd/download the tunes and listen whenever you want?

2. This week I've been considering packing it in and doing something completely different with my life. If you could be/do anything you wanted, what would your ideal job/career/profession be??

3. What do you see the impact of blogging/e-mailing/online dating/etc. will be on real-life, everyday, in-the-flesh relationships?

4. After attending my brother's wedding last weekend, I've really begun to wonder if I've been "left behind." This not married, no kids, thirty-something is curious... are you satisfied with where you are? Do you wish you were at a different place in life? Or do you secretly know all your married with kids friends are a little jealous of you?

5. You're stranded on an island with an iPod that can only fit 5 songs on it. Which do you choose?