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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


She's not good. And it's taking a toll on my mom. Mostly because my aunt is hanging on with everything she has. But my grandma's ready to let go.

I feel guilty not staying there with my mom. I can't concentrate anyway. But I'm in enough trouble at work for as much work as I've missed already, that I can't stay.

I just wish my grandma peace. And my mom, too.


Glitter said...


Wordnerd said...

Peace to Grandma, Mom, the rest of your family, and you. Find comfort in knowing she's ready.

Amy said...

Peace will come. In time. It may be after your g'ma's passing that your mom will realize it's okay to exhale and that it's okay to still love your g'ma with everything you are and let her go. Peace will come.