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Monday, July 31, 2006

in the river

relaxing in a camping chair in the middle of the river, cold beer in hand, I was reminded of college.*

the summer I didn't come home, we used to go tubing constantly. it was the only way to be outdoors and stay cool. and this Colorado girl couldn't stand staying in the air-conditioning.

we'd leave early-ish, hit the beer barn and sit on the river for hours. the road trip up was almost as much fun as the tubing. I had summer mix tapes we'd blare as we sped down the highway with the top down. we always stopped for bbq on our way home. sitting in an intertube all day drinking beer apparently works up an appetite.
my reminiscing was interrupted by his asking why I was grinning. I simply said the river reminded me of tubing in college. how can you describe a memory. a feeling. that you're jealous that you're sitting in the river with all of his friends, and yours are miles away?

he didn't press. maybe he could see the hint of sadness in my eyes. maybe he could see I didn't want to elaborate. he took my hand and smiled at me.

I smiled back. despite my moment of sad nostalgia, I was having a great weekend. amazing music, camping, river-sitting, and good friends. even if they weren't my own.

I did send my college friends an e-mail when I got home, wondering if anyone was up for a mini-reunion, with tubing included, of course.

* yes, as white-trash as river-sitting may sound, it did, indeed remind me of my years of higher education.


Shananigans said...

Tubing in the river with beer... I just had my own little nostalgic moment. A good sunburn and losing your shoes in the rapids, feels like just yesterday. Thanks.

Rainypete said...

Never underestimate the soothing power of white trashing it.