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Thursday, August 03, 2006

time for a change

time is precious.
it seems to be all I want more of these days. more time to spend with friends. family. TheDog. even him.

I haven't been up to the mountains enough this summer. only once overnight. and that's not enough. I haven't even clicked the shutter in about a month. and that needs to change.

and so, I'm leaving. I'm heading up the hill. for two entire nights. just TheDog, J and me. neither she nor TheDog have seen much of me lately.

I know I'm crazy. how can I possibly take all that time off. all four hours. I just am. and I don't really care about the consequences. work is only that. and it will have to wait.


Jeremy said...

I am just tickled my kids love going up into the mountains as much as I do... It makes it so much easier to escape when I can just take them with... Now I just have to get my wife to join us!

Sarah said...

Have fun :)

I was your way not long ago and really loved Rocky Mountain National Park! I loved making snowballs when it was 70 degrees outside!

Amy said...

good for you!!! Enjoy the time!

Kristi said...

Well I realize it's Friday today, but it's a beautiful day to be up in the mountains! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Glitter said...

have a great time. I wish I was there with you...