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Thursday, August 31, 2006

celebrating life

I don't have many milestones to celebrate. No major anniversaries. No kid's birthdays. So I tend to celebrate my own in style.

This year, it will be a week-long celebration. Of my own instigation. It's my time to celebrate life. Broken ankle, crutches and all.

The celebration kicked off a few nights ago with a phenomenal show at my favorite venue, Red Rocks, with Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo serenading me. Yes, they were singing just for me.

I took time off yesterday to have lunch on a perfect patio day with my mom and sister.

Last night was a nostalgic show at the Botanic Gardens with my mom. We enjoyed Judy Collins' (my mom's long-forgotten pal from her college days) show in her old home state. My mom smiled when she sang Send in the Clowns. I used to do a ballet routine to that song, back when I was more graceful. The song reminded us both.

Today was the, now traditional, angel food cake and strawberries at work (since I was supposed to take tomorrow off). And tonight he's taking me to dinner, since he has plans tomorrow. Yes, plans more important* then spending my birthday with me.

Tomorrow night I'm going for dinner and drinks with good friends. The celebration will continue through the long weekend with friends and family, a party, football game and of course more music.

Really, it's just my excuse to celebrate life.

* Yes, I realize that I told him it wasn't a big deal that he might not be able to hang out with me on the actual day. He's just supposed to want to. I rearranged things so I could see him on his actual birthday. Perhaps it should be telling, perhaps it shouldn't. Perhaps it just is.


Jerk of All Trades said...

I'll ignore the Judy Collins (shudder) and wish you a happy birthday!

I gotta tell ya, your friend KT is adorable.

Jeremy said...

Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

your life is one worth celebrating! Way to do it in style!!

hubs said...

happy b-week. great that you get to spend so much time w/ friends & family, there's no better way to celebrate life.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday week. Try not to be too disappointed that he isn't there on the actual day of your birthday. It is just a day after all, and as long as the sentiment is there you are doing well.

LZ Blogger said...

I love the Red Rock Ampitheatre and Keb Mo.! ~ Sounds great to me! ~ jb///

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I agree with Jen, a birthday is just another day....sorry this is belated!