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Monday, August 28, 2006

just trying to get around

Waiting with other truly handicapped people the other night, I began to feel guilty.

I'd been complaining about the ridiculousness of the stadium's handicap access. Complaining about the pathetically inadequate number of handicapped spaces that fill up hours before game time. Complaining about getting around the stadium.

But sitting there with people who really can't get themselves places, I realized even as slow as I am on my crutches, I'm still much more mobile than some people.

Granted, I'm not crutching it even half of a mile anytime soon, but I sure can get back to the car without waiting for a golf cart that's absolutely necessary for someone else.

So, I told my mom and sister we were walking.

A little ways from the designated handicap waiting benches, a cart driver stopped and asked if we wanted a ride. I agreed, as long as he went back up the hill to get some of the other people, as well.

He apologized to us all for the wait. He'd been yelled at various times that evening. Apparently the whole handicap experience had angered more than just me that evening. It was completely disorganized. Hopefully it will improve for those that really need it.

And I know that for the next game, at least I'll have a different game plan on how to get to and from my seats.

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Anonymous said...

see what happens when I go away. Looks like I need to start at the beginning and catch up with what happened. Get well soon