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Friday, July 07, 2006

time of my life

I'm at work. it's Friday night. all my friends are out having fun. except J, who graciously offered to take time out of her Friday evening plans to feed TheDog and DogFriend for me.

and right now the only thing keeping me from running screaming out of the building is it's dark, really dark, and raining, well, actually pouring.

I know. no one likes to read about work. but right now, that's all there is. it's all I know. and I'm biding my time until I get comments back on my (hopefully final) draft, so I can finalize my report and go home. and sleep. yes, sleep. my life is so very exciting.

what could possibly be worse than still sitting at my desk 14 hours after I first sat here this morning? that I did nearly the same thing yesterday? yes, that, and that fact that I was supposed to be on vacation this week.

yes, I had delusions of enjoying a relaxing four day weekend in the mountains after leisurely celebrating the 4th with the family and my grandma's birthday with her the next day. that was to follow two days of holiday time at work. but, of course, I worked then, too.

so, despite my workaholic tendencies, this situation is unacceptable, even to me. I have meetings scheduled with both my bosses in the next two weeks. one being my review. and don't think for one minute I won't bring up my diligence and going-above-and-beyond-ness this week. repeatedly.

and if something doesn't change. I may be running out the door soon, anyway. in a different mannner of speaking.

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Jeremy said...

I hope you get to have a little re-creation soon.