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Monday, July 10, 2006

everything just fades away

it had been a long time. far too long. it was time to jump back in. and it was the only thing I was certain would help relax my shoulder and neck muscles. they have been knotted with stress since last week.

I shouldn't have been away from work so long at lunch. but I had to. and it felt good. great actually. that first stroke. even the last.

such a feeling of peace. of mindfulness of the position of every limb. of forgetfullness of absolutely everything else.

the knots aren't completely gone, but I'm hopeful the therapist can work them out tomorrow. and for now I'm much more relaxed. and I know I can complete the first part in six short days.


S.L. Peterson said...

Sorry to hear you seem to be buried at work lately!! Hope the stress lets up soon.

There's nothing better than a few laps in the pool for good relaxation. So, does the last sentence mean you're doing the Danskin this weekend? If so, I'm envious - I'm going through triathlon withdrawal this year =)

ramblin' girl said...

yep, that's the one... although I wouldn't be envious... my training has been non-existant!
planning to take the bike out tonight to see if I should even attempt to do the race Sunday! (and yes, by that I mean I haven't been on it in months... sad... very sad...)

Jeremy said...

Good luck RG...

Brian Lavery said...

So you are doing a race this Sunday with no training, eh?
It's a lot more fun that way. No time expectations - just out "enjoying the day"
Have fun.