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Sunday, July 23, 2006

the importance of family

my mom called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me what I was doing this past weekend. specifically Saturday night. I told her I had tickets to a show, then asked why.

she was heading to their condo, to deal with some HOA stuff, wanted company. my dad couldn't go with her. I said I was sorry, if something changed I'd let her know.

I could tell just by the disappointment in just her voice that she didn't just want company, she almost needed it. she really didn't want to go to the meeting alone.

I'd been to the only one to represent them at an HOA meeting. and despite her being strong and independent, I know one of her strengths is not necessarily meeting with new people, particularly in this type of situation*.

so when my friend asked me if I was still joining them for the show last week, I said yes, unless she might have someone she'd rather take. that although I'd love to see her, I would happily bow out. I had suspected there might be someone she wanted to take instead. I was right.

so I called my mom and let her know I'd join her. she seemed very relieved to have backup at the meeting. and company for part of the weekend.

we had a great short stay in the mountains despite the too-long meeting. we had dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces. walked the pups for coffee and bagels. and even babysat the nieces so my brother and his wife could actually go mountain biking together.

despite the extra hours it took me to get home afterward because of a truck fire on the side of the highway, I enjoyed my short visit with my mom. I was happy to be able to ease her discomfort in attending the meeting. I enjoyed seeing my brother and sister-in-law. and I always love playing with my nieces.

* I'd go into more specifics here, but can't as of yet.

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Valerie said...

I love my mommy!