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Thursday, March 08, 2007

someday, somebody

Standing next to S, singing Vincent of Jersey again after nearly a decade and a half, I smiled. Really, truly smiled for the first time in weeks. She drove back from the mountains to go to the show with me after the boy bailed.

She knows me well. She could tell from a simple e-mail that I needed to go to the show. There's something about BHTM's music that always makes me feel better. And she knows it possibly better than anyone.

When we were in college we ended up on stage at our local hangout with another friend belting out someday, somebody's gonna love me. One of my favorite memories of college.

My friends truly are amazing. When pieces of my sanity start to crumble away, they are there to pick up the crumbs and help me get it together.

It started with dinner last week with J. She listened as I rambled on about my job, my grandma's situation, and the boy. Then there were various calls and e-mails and lunch conversations. Other friends insisting on drinks and dinner and lunch in the next few weeks.

By the time I was snuggled up with TheDog after the show last night, I knew I'd be alright.

I have my own rock. It's made up of my friends and family and, of course, TheDog. And regardless of what else is going on, I know some combination of them is always there for me when I need them most.


hubs said...

i remember seeing bhtm at a battle of the bands when i was in junior high (and i'm your age).

Glitter/Aleka said...

I friends and family for that very reason. They are my rock.

Big B said...

Nice song, I'd never heard it before... BHT