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Monday, March 05, 2007

doctor's orders

I had some work to do, so I dropped my mom off a the hospital and stopped by a Charbucks to use theWiFi. I did my work and grabbed some coffee for my mom, then headed back to the hospital.

I started to walk into my grandma's room and stopped dead in my tracks. The room was empty. Not only that, but the bed was stripped clean of sheets. My heart caught. I spun around to the nurses station, panic written on my face.

The nurse said I just missed them. Where did they go? Is everything alright? Yes, she just went to have a "pick" put in.

I breathed. Finally. Even though I had no idea what that was or why she might need it. At least they were doing something. Hopefully something that might help.

She's better. Well, that's relative. She's definitely better than last weekend. But there are still ups and downs.

At least this weekend she was eating and insisting she had to get home to see her dog. I think her improvement has had a lot to do with her visitors. To some degree it's been that all five of us grandkids and both her daughters have visited, my mom every day. But mostly I think it's been her four-legged visitor.

Every time we bring her dog up, her face lights up. Her dog is scared senseless in the hospital, but the brightening in my grandma's mood is worth a little nervousness in the dog, and dirty looks from some of the nurses. Besides, the doggie visits are doctor's orders.

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Brian Lavery said...

Amazing how dogs will lift a persons spirit, eh?