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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

weird nostalgia

I feel like I'm back in college in a way. Like I'm in the dorms. Staying up late "studying." Getting up early and grabbing cereal out of strange plastic dispensers. Everyone gathering in the "study room" to eat pizza.

The only thing that's missing is going for a midnight run around the track. Not because I don't desperately need the outlet to vent some frustrations, but mostly because it's still snowing.

In some ways it's worse than college, though. At least the engineering center had women's restrooms on the same floor as classrooms. In the building we're in every day, the few of us women only have to descend three flights to use the facilities.

I didn't even realize it was Valentine's Day until the group went to grab beer and pizza. Shortly after walking in the door, we realized getting a few pizzas to go was our only option because of all the classy guys taking their dates to the pizza joint to show them they care.

I did get to briefly talk to the boy, but it just made me sad that our first Valentine's Day together, we spent apart. He at least had the company of his dog. I had to spend what little of it I wasn't working in a hotel room, alone.

Hopefully all of you had a happy Valentine's Day. I have to live vicariously through someone.


hubs said...

hmmm. we ordered pizza last night for valentines day and loved it.

ramblin' girl said...

hubs, ordering IN pizza is completely different than taking your date to a crowded noisy pizza joint...