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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

not good

I can't concentrate. At all. And now is when I really have to. This is it. I'm up. My work-a-holic-ness over the past few years culminates tomorrow and next week.

But, as it seems to go, life always gets in the way. Or maybe just remind you what is really important. At least what should be.

It sure isn't work. It's not even my friends' and the boy's complaints that I haven't been around enough.

What's most important is family. And being there when they need you. And right now I have to find a way to fly south to be with my grandma, before it's too late. Be there for my mom.

She called me crying tonight. She talked to my grandma's regular doctor. He didn't sugar coat it like the others had.

I can't bear to think of my grandma withering away in a hospital. Not the strong, independent woman I love. I can't bear to think of my mom having to deal with it all alone. But there they are.

My sister had surgery today, so she can't go down until Friday. I can't go. But I will. Some things have to be more important than work.


Amy said...

You will never regret that you didn't work these precious days. You would always regret not seeing your grandmother again. This is a good decision, one that should never cause regret.

Elizabeth said...

Hanging in there with you, RG. The work pinnacle is steep, but not as steep as the grief you will feel if you don't go.

Me, I've got a date for Saturday, with two of the cutest guys I know. Got to get Letters From Iwo Jima in before the academy awards on Sunday. So, I'm going with the oldest and youngest of my favorite men. :-)