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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

tangled webs

although not big on going to bars alone, she walked up to the door. the only reason she was there at all was because he asked her if she was going to be. she was nervous.

she was curious why she felt the butterflies. were they because she didn't like to play the part of the barfly or because he would be there.

he was in the doorway as she walked in. he gave her a big hug. then said he'd be right back. he'd forgotten something in his car.

unsure where to go while she waited to talk to him, she tried to look nonchalant as she headed to the bar to order a drink. she'd been out with friends earlier, and decided sticking with beer was her best bet, despite the urge to order a shot. she told herself that it was just nerves. but why?

the last time she'd seen him was even more brief than the time before. they'd barely said hello to each other. he'd promised he'd find her tonight so they could talk.

with beer in hand, she surveyed the room. another one of his friends walked up to her. she was so happy to see another familiar face. now she didn't have to play the part of the barfly.

she sat at a table with his friend. they laughed and joked and eventually he joined them. he told the tale of jealousy of an ex and a girl she suspected him of dating. they were both there that night.

it was strange, really. the timing of the tale. as if he knew what she wanted to tell him last time they really talked. as if he wanted to let her know he didn't feel the same.

was that it? or, as his friend later suggested, was he trying to make her jealous? perhaps. but there was another question she really needed to figure out the answer to. was she just trying to make him jealous when she left the bar with his friend?


hubs said...

oh my! salacious.

Kerri said...

HA!!! Good for HER!!!!

TJ said...

Wow. That's cool. And cold. But I like it.

Shananigans said...

Depends, what did you do after you left the bar? ;)

Jeremy said...

Ooh you saucy minXXX!

jeopardygirl said...

Good for you, RG! You go get down with your bad self...