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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

crazy days of summer, already?

can anyone tell me where spring went? and how did it get to be summer already?

I've been ridiculously busy. not that that is news. my sister's news turned out not to be of the good variety. it's sad for her, she's doing alright. thanks for all of your concern.

I actually think the timing of this particular news turned out to be better than she believes. but I can't say that to her. I just have to be supportive and hope things work out well for her with this.

as for me? I've been researching more. and have entertaining stories to tell. but as you all know, I never tell until they're good. or over. or so vague no one knows what I'm talking about. one of the three, at least, will be coming soon.

but between working and playing I have had no time for writing. unless work calms down some, that's not changing anytime very soon.

I'm off to California on Friday for yet another wedding. that is, if I can make it to Friday with all this working and playing.


Glitter/Aleka said...

Have a great time away!! I feel the same way, sometimes life isn't very exciting until something is good. or over. or when something exciting happens.

Shananigans said...

Can’t wait to hear about whatever you’re talking about, vaguely ;) Are you coming to LA? I heart summer.